Reclaimed Wood and Driftwood gifts, ethical, sustainable, and they don't cost the earth ! 

Whether you're looking for a wedding gift, fifth anniversary , new home, or you just would love something beautiful for your home, please take a look. Also if you're getting married yourself, we could make beautiful rustic themed wedding centrepieces to make your day perfect!

Driftwood Candleholder, sourced from East Lothian

Driftwood Candleholder - another East Lothian beach find!

Bereavement gift or memorial made from a tree slice. Unique and personal

Scotch whisky barrel oak stave - now a candle holder or shot glass holder

Bereavement gift or memorial made from a tree slice. Unique and personal

Reclaimed wooden Maple Candleholder

Coastal themed gift made from A tree stump and reclaimed tree slice.

Reclaimed wooden candle holder with a wonderful bark

Reclaimed wooden whisky barrel shot glass holder

Log candleholder Retrieved from the beach

One of our personalised wooden wedding keepsakes

Inspired by Loch Earn. Beautiful purple thistles and mulberry paper

A Reclaimed Driftwood log given a new life as a unique candleholder

Rustic slice candle holder which would also be perfect as a wedding centrepiece

A 'wee mindin' found on the beach and given a new life

Beautiful spalted wooden candleholder

Reclaimed Wooden Barrel shot glass holder or whisky glass holder

Whisky Barrel stave shot glass holder

Perfect for the garden Reclaimed beech wood candleholder

Driftwood log reclaimed wood candleholder

Rustic slice wooden candleholder - would also be perfect as a wedding table centrepiece.

Driftwood Candleholder - perfect for a coastal wedding table centrepiece

'Mr and mrs candleholder

Personalised cheseboard made for a lovely couple

Navy and white thistle themed Wedding Stationery

Sea themed Nautical coastal gifts, perfect for your getaway !

Each rustic slice has a different shape - made as unique as you !

A beautiful graveside memorial - reclaimed wood

Another rustic slice wedding centrepiece. Beautiful

Family tree - beautiful gift for grandparents at Christmas ?

Reclaimed wooden coasters made from our conifers!

Remembering that special person - I can create

Nautical star fish gift ideal a a sea themed gift howewarming gift, or fifth anniversary gift

Beautiful reclaimed jewellery box- perfect Valentine's Day gift or fifth anniversary gift for a loved one.

Personalised photo album!

Reclaimed wooden cheese board or Chopping boards.

Displays at craft fairs !

A decoupage wedding mulberry photo album.

Journal, scrapbook or photo album- perfect for those special memories.

Yew Candleholder with an added nautical theme.

Cheeseboard with the most amazing grain.

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